[Sicurezza] Violato il server del Forum Malwarebytes

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[Sicurezza] Violato il server del Forum Malwarebytes

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Ricevuta un email da parte di Malwarebytes, in cui si comunica la violazione del loro server del Forum, e la richiesta di cambiare la password di accesso.

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I'm writing to let you know that on November 10th a vulnerability in our
forum software allowed a hacker to gain access to the server hosting our
community. We have no evidence of any personal data being stolen (nor do
we store any on our forums!) but as a precautionary measure we are
forcing all users to reset their passwords. The next time you attempt to
log in, please select the "Forgot Your Password?" link below and follow the steps.


We've also migrated our community away from our servers and onto a
service hosted by Invision Power Board. They know their software best
and as vulnerabilities are discovered, they can patch them more quickly.

I personally apologize for the inconvenience and if you have any
questions, do not hesitate to contact me directly at


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